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Welcome to the very first collection of the Portify NFT’s. With the great popularity of NFTs now and Portify releasing its SocialFi platform, a profile picture NFT is unmissable.

Byte-me’s are very social and easy-going characters that love to get to know each other. In this collection there are 500 Byte-me’s that contain 250 males and 250 females.

Every one of them is random generated and unique in their own way and some are of course rarer than others. For those who want to stand out on the platform or for those who just like collecting a unique and valuable piece of NFT art, the Byte-me NFTs are THE NFT for every soul. Join the circle!


The NFT era we’re in right now has evolved to a space where an NFT is more than just a JPEG. It holds real value because of the things you can do, access, accomplish and earn with these NFTs. Here is a list of utility that will ensure your NFT to always hold value:

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How many NFTs are there? What do they cost and how much can I buy at once?

There will be 500 NFTs at the price of 0.2 ETH and every mint is capped to max 3 NFTs.

I don’t hold any Portify tokens, is it beneficial for me to buy a NFT?

Everyone can access the fully released platform so holding PFY is not a must to benefit from all utilities of the NFT. Buying an NFT even results in passively holding 25.000 - 150.000 PFY.

Why is Portify as a Binance Smart Chain project releasing NFTs on the Ethereum chain?

Because there will be an Etheurem bridge on the SocialFi platform this means that Portify will be a multi-chain platform. This means that both Ethereum users as BSC users can join the platform and that the Portify token will have a liquidity pool on Ethereum as well. It’s also important that NFT minters have the benefit of an aftermarket. On the BSC this is not so big yet so the first collection will be launched on the Ethereum chain and will be listed on Opensea.

Will there be a whitelisting for this collection?

No, there will not be a whitelist simply because we will be having a collection of 500 NFTs which is not a lot.

Can I use my NFT as a profile picture in Byte?

Yes, everyone will be able to set his/her NFT as a profile picture on the Byte platform. Later there will also be a feature where you can verify your profile picture so people can see it’s really yours.